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The Official Journal of the Korean Academy of Kinesiology 2014;16(4):43-52.
DOI: https://doi.org/10.15758/jkak.2014.16.4.43    Published online October 31, 2014.
Effects of Kinesio Taping on Repetition, Heart Rate, RPE and EMG Responses during Plyometric Sargent Jumping
Byung-Kun Lee
Sangmyung University
Correspondence:  Byung-Kun Lee,
Email: bklee@smu.kr
Received: 17 August 2014   • Accepted: 25 October 2014
The purposes of this study were to compare the repetition, heart rate, RPE, and EMG responses on Kinesio taping during plyometric Sargent jumping, and to analyze the effects of Kinesio taping.
Subjects were consisted of 11 college men. Metabolic and EMG responses were measured during the non-taping 30 sec jumping or taping 30 sec jumping tasks. EMG responses were also measured during the non-taping 23 times jumping or taping 23 times jumping task. EMG responses were measured on four 4 leg muscles. Kinesio taping was performed according to the Kho(2002), and Uh(2001)'s methods. Pairedt-test was used for comparisons between taping and non-taping conditions for each dependent variable.
There were slight yet insignificant differences in repetition (0.1 fold) and heart rate (0.8 bpm)between non-taping and taping 30 sec jumping. RPE was 1.7 lower in the taping 30 sec jumping compared to the non-taping 30 sec jumping(p<.01). No differences were observed in RMS data between non-taping vs taping 30 sec jumping, or non-taping vs taping 23 times jumping were in significant on all of 4 muscles. The first and the last two jump's MedPF values were insignificantly different between non-taping vs taping 30 sec jumping or non-taping vs taping 23 times jumping.
Our data indicate that effects of Kinesio taping on muscle activity and fatigue are minimal during plyometric Sargent jumping trial. The discrepancy of these results from the previous studies might be due to a different contractile mode
Keywords: kinesio taping, plyometric, Sargent jumping, RMS, MedPF


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