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The Official Journal of the Korean Academy of Kinesiology 2014;16(4):73-81.
DOI: https://doi.org/10.15758/jkak.2014.16.4.73    Published online October 31, 2014.
Effects of Rehabilitation Program according to Graft Type after Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction
Seung-Hun Han, Jong-Chul Nam, Jung-Jun Park
Pusan National University
Hyosung City Hospital
Correspondence:  Jung-Jun Park,
Email: jjparkpnu@pusan.ac.kr
Received: 10 September 2014   • Accepted: 25 October 2014
The purpose of this study was to define the effective type of graft for recovery of knee funtion by modified rehabilitation programs for hamstring tendon autograft(HAG) and tibialis tendon allograft(TAG) after anterior cruciate ligament(ACL) reconstruction.
After ACL reconstruction, 5 patients with HAG and 5 patients with TAG performed 12 weeks of modified rehabilitation specially designed for each type of graft. At 6 week and 12 week of rehabilitation, knee function(extensor strength, flexor strength, hyperflexor strength), dynamic balance ability and Lysholm knee scoring scale were measured.
After 12 weeks of rehabilitation, there was significant interaction between time and group for extensor strength at 60 deg/sec(p<.05). Extensor strength was significantly higher in TAG than HAG at 6 weeks of rehabilitation(p<.05), but there was no difference in two groups at 12 weeks of rehabilitation. Flexor strength, hyperflexor strength, dynamic balance ability and Lysholm knee scoring scale were all significantly improved in both groups after rehabilitation(p<.05).
Improvements in extensor strength of HAG were lower than TAG at the first half of rehabilitation, but faster than TAG at the second half of rehabilitation so that there was no difference at the end of rehabilitation. However, improvements in flexor strength and endurance, hyperflexor strength and endurance, dynamic balance ability and Lysholm knee scoring scale were not different between HAG and TAG. These results indicate that there were generally no differences in effects of rehabilitation between HAG and TAG.
Keywords: anterior cruciate ligament, exercise rehabilitation, hamstring tendon autograft, tibialis tendon allograft, knee function


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